Hack Cooper

41 Cooper Sq (NAB)
New York, NY 10003



HackCooper is an organization at The Cooper Union that has led hackathons in the past with the intent of bringing together students from universities and high schools in the Greater NY area. Due to the pandemic, the team has faded in recent years; however Cooper’s chapter of IEEE is spearheading the revival of the organization for 2024 and beyond. Motivated by The Cooper Union’s core values of interdisciplinarity, teamwork, and social impact, HackCooper has meticulously organized a hackathon that reflects these core values.

Mission and Vision

Cooper Union's IEEE is hosting HackCooper, a student hackathon, at The Cooper Union's New Academic Building for 48 hours. In this hackathon, university students from New York will be participating in a collaborative environment to learn new skills and develop technology-related solutions. This encourages technical proficiency and professional development for participants as they organize and manage a project from concept to demo, as they adapt and learn within the small time frame. Motivated by The Cooper Union’s core value of social impact, the hackathon will have a theme of creating a tool that will help your school. Additionally, there will be a variety of workshops and talks in which attendees can participate to help hackers learn new technologies.

For March 2024, we intend to start small with a software hackathon . In future years we will work towards a larger, overnight hackathon. We would like to invite universities outside of the NYC area to work towards a city-wide hackathon, rather than a Cooper hackathon

Team Structure

  1. Associate Dean Lisa Shay ; Faculty Advisor
  2. Vaibhav Hariani ; Team Leader
  3. Lani Wang ; Financial Manager
  4. James Ryan ; Website Developer